Worq Hospitality | Elevating Experiences in Hospitality

Worq Hospitality is an independent collection of hospitality businesses featuring a varied portfolio of our own brands, from restaurants, boutique hotels, hostels, and community bars.

Our venues include immersive Latin American experience at El Santo, the delightful Italian cuisine at Chianti, Riva and Luci’s, and the exceptional service at Boutique 50, Revolver, and Riva Boutique Hotel. Local communities find solace in the comforting and homely atmosphere of Tally Ho, Hemingway’s, and 55 Bearsden Cross.

As a family enterprise in its third generation, Worq Hospitality carries forward the legacy of excellence, blending time-honoured values with groundbreaking strategies in its operations. . As an independent entity, it continues to uphold its legacy of excellence in the industry, showcasing a mix of traditional values and innovative approaches in its operation

Our presence in the hospitality industry is marked by a strong emphasis on design, a proactive approach to staying ahead of trends, data-driven decision-making, and a willingness to take calculated risks, all aimed at delivering innovation and exceptional customer experiences.

We want to be the market leaders in hospitality, and first choice for customers in Scotland. We want to help create an industry where people want to work, and we will support, nurture and develop successful careers.

Our key values are:


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